Nurturing a deeper love and respect for the ocean through creativity, art, and body surfing.


Welcome to the Ohana Collective

Welcome to The Family

The ‘Ohana Collective utilizes the creation of one of a kind wooden body surfing handplanes from makers and artists around the world to nurture a deeper love and respect for the ocean and to benefit local ocean and environmental groups.

‘Ohana means family in Hawaiian; in the sense that we are all connected. There are many benefits to belonging to an ‘ohana, but there are responsibilities and obligations, as well. Foremost is to behave responsibly, with integrity, so your ‘ohana is pleased to claim and nourish you. In turn, you share in the responsibilities of your ‘ohana’s work, responsibility, and function. The Ancient Hawaiians quickly understood that the people of Hawaii had to live in harmony with nature in order to survive. With limited resources, it was important to instill a code of conduct that would promote unity. Aloha and Ohana are not just ancient spiritual ideas. They are instructions for survival.

As passionate aficionados of the ocean we believe we have a responsibility to support and give back to the ocean – to the thing that provides us with so much joy and vitality. This is the mission of The ‘Ohana Collective.

Why Body Surfing

Body Surfing is the purest form of wave riding and it is accessible to almost every age. In its simplest form, no accessories are needed; you just have to be a decent swimmer and enjoy playing in the waves. If you add fins and a hand plane; the experience can become transcendent as the rider and wave become one and rides become longer.

The idea of the body surfing handplane has spawned a movement of artistry and freedom amongst creative and handy wave riders. The science behind the perfect hand plane is not quite as complicated as the surfboard, and this approachability has given rise to a growing community of artists and makers that have devoted a portion of their passion towards creating a tool that fuels a stoked legacy.

8 year old Mateo sliding and styling
Creating hand made stoke – photo courtesy of The Aloha Exchange

Build Your Own Hand Plane Sessions

Our online do it yourself build sessions combine the fun and satisfaction of creating your own hand plane with a message or story telling session from an ocean environmental or advocacy group. Our DIY kits come with instructions and the majority of the materials that you will need to create your handplane. Each session will cover how to shape your handplane, how to body surf, and a presentation or story from one of our stewardship partners.

Join The Ohana Collective

Join as a Maker

By joining the Ohana Collective as a maker you will have the opportunity to showcase one of your body surfing handplane creations, share your story, and generate the possibility to raise funds and/or awareness for an ocean environmental organization of your choosing.


If you are a talented artist and would like to contribute your art to a handplane to help benefit a local ocean environmental group join our ‘Ohana.


One man's waste is another man's treasure! We work with a variety of unique suppliers to provide materials that can be used for handplanes. Join our ‘Ohana, showcase your company, and be a part of the solution.

Stewards of the Ocean

Our vision is to pair local artists, local suppliers, local makers with local ocean environmental groups to create a piece that speaks and supports the local community. Contact us to join our ‘Ohana.

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